Drone photograph of a woman on skates and a young girl on a scooter
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I am lost for words at the response I received (on Facebook) around yesterdays portrait and backstory. Over 100 likes, loves and wows and more comments than I think I’ve ever received for a single image post. Very grateful for the comments thanking me for the backstory of the image too. 

Now on to today’s presented photograph. As much as I try not to pre-plan a photograph (as the results often disappoint), I did have something like this in mind when my wife said she wanted to go for an outdoor skate. I knew the post midday sun would provide a reasonable shadow and that the path she skates on would provide a nice contrast to the grass surrounds.

It was only a matter of positioning the drone at roughly the right height, following my two ladies (no ownership implied) and hoping for a good moment. I am very happy with how the shadows are falling and remaining completely within the path. I like to two different forms of “wheels” in use here. If I could ride my wife’s bike and fly a drone without harming myself or those around me, the third type of “wheels” might have been a fun addition.

I love the possibilities and perspective that drone photography provides and am very interested in seeing what I can achieve with the technology. Obviously (at least to me), the quality of the image is not nearly as clean or deep as my other 4 cameras, but imperfections can be endearing.

At least that’s what I hope my wife thinks about me!

That’s it for now. Talk to you soon.


Photo Information:
Mavic DJI Mini Drone @ 24mm
1/800 | f/2.8 | ISO 100
92 metres
Saturday August 14, 2021
Seaford, Victoria, Australia

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