A camo boot lies discard in the grass


Walked past this boot on a quick walk today. I’ve seen it a few times and this time I was moved to photograph it. Not entirely sure why I like it, it’s probably the army in me. I also like the camouflage in effect. It may not look like it, but the camo pattern really does work when out in “the field”. As long as the person remains still, you can lose sight of them when they are as few as 30 metres from you.

I’ve always been fascinated by what you can find on the ground. It would make for an interesting series. 

It’s Father’s Day here in Australia. My son is in lockdown so is unavailable to visit, but my daughter made up for his absence with her enthusiasm. 

That’s it for now. Talk to you soon. Stay safe.



Photo Information: 
Nikon D810
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4G @ 50mm
1/800 | f/4 | ISO 200
Sunday September 5, 2021 @ 16:21
Carrum Downs, Victoria, Australia

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