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I chose this photograph for today because this is the exact view the doctor had of my daughter. He required this view to extract a bean bag bean from her upper nasal cavity. Seriously, don’t ask. The less said the better. R is fine and the bean bag bean, although free, did not fare as well according to all reports.

Besides that excitement, today was the final episode of season two of Ted Lasso. Season one took the world by storm and many people were commenting that season two doesn’t compare. I disagree and like to point out that, as previously mentioned, season one came out of nowhere and was even more exciting because of it. Season two had established characters and even with some exception growth, we were all used to them.

If you’ve yet to watch Ted Lasso, I’ll do my best to get you to watch it.

What makes this show the brilliant thing it is is the characters. They are so well defined, written, and portrayed. The humour is so well written it not only makes you laugh but often makes you think. The writing team suck you in for the first three episodes with character development and humour, before showing that there’s a serious and quite frankly damaged side to these characters too. 

It’s honestly one of the few shows that can traverse you through the entire gamut of emotions in a single episode. Especially during the second half of season one and all the way through season two.

Just a heads up, the language is quite “fruity” throughout the show. One character dropped 22 F-bombs in one episode, but that’s just his character. And he is a brilliant character. His dialogue is hilarious and his delivery is perfect. Just as a quick aside, delivery to me is the most important part of comedy. This is probably a throwback to post 75. It’s even better when every single character knows how to deliver a line. Apart from Ted Lasso, The Big Bang Theory is my favourite show for ensemble line delivery. 

Back to Ted Lasso characters. The titular character is brilliant. His assistant, Coach Beard is so well underplayed that almost every interaction brings tears and Roy Kent is so well played that you don’t even hear the language after a while. The rest of the cast help bring this TV show home. The growth of certain characters is handled so well you end up liking people you’re not supposed to like and in season two, the opposite is also true.

I can not recommend the show highly enough. If you’re worried that it’s all about soccer, don’t be. There are parts of playing but the majority of the show is only remotely about the game. When I talk about it to other people who have seen it, our conversations usually end with one or more of us doubled over in laughter. 

Tomorrow is the weekend where my wife and I juggle work hours whilst trying to give the child some much-desired attention. I’d really love to take the phone out to have a play with the camera. I also need to finish M’s masterclass video after it was completely rewritten yesterday. I hope your weekends are more relaxing than ours.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading, I really appreciate your time and interest. Talk to you soon. Stay safe.




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Nikon Z6
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 85mm 1:2.5 G @ 85mm
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Saturday October 2, 2021 @ 13:20
Seaford, Victoria, Australia

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