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Another photograph from the iPhone 13 Pro Max. This time using the ultra-wide lens. Again, despite a certain lack of depth in the colours and compression, I still like the results this phone provides. My “big” cameras will never be replaced, but this is the perfect tool to have when I want or need to take a photo fast.

Today’s topic is silly traditions. What silly traditions do you or your family have?

In the Average Suburban Dad household, every Sunday we all wear our pink Tradie brand underwear. When I say pink, The entire garment is not pink, but the band is. One day we’ll do a gangsta photo with our underwear showing to demonstrate.

I know you have some questions, so I’ll do my best to cover them.


Why not?  It’s just something we do. It’s harmless fun. And, you know? Lockdown. It also guarantees we keep up with the laundry to ensure they are ready for Sunday.

How did this even start?

One Sunday, many moons ago, we all realised that by complete coincidence, we had all put on the same colour underwear. And all of a sudden, Pink Tradies Day (patent pending) was born. 

What happens if someone doesn’t wear Pink Tradie underwear on Pink Tradie day?

According to the five-year-old, “there will be problems” if someone doesn’t wear the correct underwear. Luckily, we tend to have the required underwear ready to go the night before.

So now you all know a little too much about my families underwear choices, what silly traditions do you have. Comment down below or in the Facebook group (info below). Do you eat the same food on a regular night? No surprises for regular readers, but pizza is my Monday meal. We normally order dinner and watch a movie as a family on a Friday night. What other traditions do you have?  

Just remembered another tradition. Every New Year’s Day M likes to outdoor skate from Tyabb to Hastings. She puts out a call for fellow skaters to participate and nobody replies. I personally think they are all hungover. I dutifully play the role of support vehicle. When she has finished we go and get lunch at a café in Hastings. Good times!

I was back out with the Drone Rangers (we need a shirt) today. Added a couple of photos to the “blog options” folder. One of my brothers has gone from not owning a drone to drone obsessed in six days. To be honest, he shares some of the same obsessive traits I do. Once we find something new, we pounce on it! I love how excited he gets. I can say this safely on the blog because I said it to his face today, from a COVID safe distance of course. 

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading, I really appreciate your time and interest. Talk to you soon. Stay safe.




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Photo Information: 
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max @ 13mm (35mm equivalent)
1/950 | f/1.8 | ISO 32
Saturday October 9, 2021 @ 11:33
Frankston, Victoria, Australia

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