A seagull mounts guard over a chip



This is the last photo from the seagull series. His face represents how I’m currently feeling. “Touch my chip and I will cut you!”

These posts are normally in the can the night before they are published, lovingly crafted and every word is chosen carefully for its meaning and all that guff. This post is being written 90 minutes after it should have been posted. 

As previously mentioned I have a folder within my photograph management software that houses images previously selected for publication. If I didn’t, this post would not be happening and I’d have missed my first day in nearly three months. Then you would have been looking at the business end of a hissy fit, I can tell you.

I had the worst night’s sleep I’ve had in ages and that’s saying something as although sleep is my favourite thing do to, it doesn’t always happen as well as I would like.

With this in mind, I’m going to try to remain positive, finish early and say that my daily streak of publishing still remains unbroken! Yay!

You’ve all got better things to do than having to read an epic post on a Saturday morning anyway.

So, yesterday was a Friday. I worked and managed to watch the first two episodes of Ted Lasso as we are currently in-between seasons and they haven’t even begun filming season three yet. Dammit, Richard! I said to stay positive!

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading, I really appreciate your time and interest. Talk to you soon. Stay safe.




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Photo Information: 
Nikon Z6
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 16-35mm 1:4G ED @ 35mm
1/640 | f/4 | ISO 100
Sunday September 26, 2021 @ 13:36
Frankston, Victoria, Australia

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