Ring light self portrait



Truly sorry if I scared you or any small children with the photograph!

Sometimes I like routines. OK, most times I like routine. 

So I decided to make every Monday (published on Tuesdays) the “Oldest photograph in the ‘Candidates’ folder” day! If I don’t want to publish the oldest photograph, it gets deleted and I move on to the next. That should clear out the folder in no time!

So here it is, an image I took using my phone and the new 18″ ring list that just arrived. 

Terrifying hey?

I went into the office today. I’m going to have to say it, I really enjoyed the change of scenery. Was nice to sit at my work desk with my two computers (yes I use both of them) and three screens and to talk through the major website upgrade project with my managers (yes, I have two of them).

Tonight was also an awesome Zoom meeting with my band members discussing our plans on returning to practice in three weeks! It was great to work through the songs to prioritise as we welcome our new bass player. The planning and discussions were all fantastic and led to a shared enthusiasm to playing together again. There’s some work to do in the meantime, but I’m looking forward to it. Great idea by the guitarist to reintroduce the beer break in the middle! I’ll have a Coke No Sugar though.

Now I’m too excited to go to sleep which is annoying as I get up at 5 am. Luckily, it was at this point I remembered that I had yet to write today’s blog post!

M put up a fundraising suggestion to help us cover the scan and possible surgery costs for our dog on Facebook today and the response has been overwhelming. Thanks to any of my readers who have jumped on board. It’s really appreciated.

Regarding the 5 am start, I’ve just remembered the Apple event starts at 4 am.  Let’s see if I’m awake for it or if I watch it on replay. I might need to do my own fundraising for anything Apple announces tomorrow. πŸ™

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading, I really appreciate your time and interest. Talk to you soon. Stay safe.




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Photo Information: 
Apple iPhone 11 Pro @ 30mm (35mm equivalent)
1/110 sec | f/2.2 | ISO 100
18" Ring Light
Tuesday September 9, 2021 @ 15:53
Carrum Downs, Victoria, Australia0


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