Black and white photograph of a bridge


Something weird happened to me last night. Something that I can not in all honesty recall the last time it occurred.

I went to sleep. And then I woke up the next morning. 

Before all of the naysayers and conspiracy theorists proclaim, “But you do that every day!” I must augment my statement with the following words: “… without having woken up at least four times during the night.”. I actually slept through the night. 

Let me try to elaborate because I know you are all on the proverbial edge right now.

I have a very symbiotic (mutualism subtype) relationship with my subconscious to the point where I no longer need an alarm clock. Before sleeping, I tell myself what time I need to be awake and my subconscious, let’s call him Socrates (with apologies to Dan Millman) for now, wakes me up at the appointed time. The issue I have is that Socrates looks after me really well. he wants me to know he is on the job. If I need to start work at five, he’ll wake me at 11 pm, 2 am, 3:27 am and 4:37 am just to let me know that it’s not quite time to get up yet. 

Last night, as crazy as it seems, I went to bed and as I’m no longer spreading my work week over seven days, I said “All alarms off” and as my mother likes to say “Well butter me on both sides and drop me on the floor butter side up!”, I slept through the night. And just as an aside, I have no idea why she says that. 

So to summarise the previous six paragraphs, I slept through the night and actually felt like what I assume normal people feel like after having a decent sleep. I’m going to try it again tonight and see how it goes. Come on Socrates, we can do this!

The family gathering for my step-sister’s birthday was a very pleasant affair with food, drink and conversation flowing freely. It was nice to be able to see people outside the confines of a zoom meeting again.

Thank you to my loyal readers some of whom are part of the Facebook group (details below). Your time and your attention are the two most valuable things you process and I thank you for sharing some of it with me via this blog.

I’ll see you for the next post.




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Photo Information: 
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max @ 13mm (35mm equivalent)
1/1150 | f/1.8 | ISO 32
Saturday October 9, 2021 @ 11:31
Frankston, Victoria, Australia


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