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In this world of digital this and digital that, I find myself turning more towards notebooks and writing especially to capture rapid and/or fleeting thoughts.

Today, I made the amazing discovery of spiral-bound index cards! Where have they been all my life? You remember index cards, right? the 3″ x 5″ inch 180 GSM (twice as thick as your standard paper) lined cards on which your mother used to write recipes. Back in my role-playing game days, we used to use them for Tunnels & Trolls® character sheets. But as per usual, I digress.

As I said, I stumbled across the J Burrows Spiral Index Cards this morning and it was like the stationary gods were smiling upon me. I was looking for the traditional index cards as I use them as a TODO system when I code. As my brain is often interjecting my thoughts with “Hey, here’s a great idea to implement later” interruptions, I now quickly write them down so I don’t forget them and go back to my current task.

My current primary project is a SOOT app/website for the band I play with. A what? I hear you think. SOOT is “Source Of All Truth”. The website manages our calendar, library, setlists, quotes (musicians are inherently a funny bunch and say many things that need to be recorded for posterity) amongst other things and will basically be the SOOT for all documents, dates and delicious comic moments. I do love me a bit of alliteration.

Fun minor digression, I was at band last night (yay!) and was writing down an idea whilst playing when it popped into my head. Came home, hung with the family for a bit and had the new feature added before falling asleep. Yay for the quick and easy ones.

Back to the cards. Each card holds a feature idea or fixes I need to implement. When completed the card get thrown away (recycled of course). These spiral notebooks are even better as they don’t need to be precariously stacked and are perforated, meaning when a task is complete, I can tear it from the book with the satisfaction of a job reasonably well done. Or at least well enough that the users won’t notice.

Needless to say, when I saw this contender for product of the year, I immediately bought seven.

I find that it’s easier to organise my many thoughts with handwriting than to push pixels around. I’m a fan of the bullet journal method and find this perfect for tasks and notes. 

My brother and I were discussing this briefly during his photoshoot as we both rely on handwritten notes and we postulate it has something to do with the fact you are both thinking about what you write as you write it, therefore, doubling down on the input mechanism and therefor grinding it into your brain.

Each notebook has 50 cards and is used for one particular subject so as to clearly separate concerns and at 13cm x 8cm, I can easily carry them with me in my backpack. After this mornings shopping, I now have one for the big office project, my website I’m building, the band and I have four spares!

Now that I’ve finished selling them (Officeworks really should be paying me for this), I need to go instantiate a notebook for blog subject ideas!

As always, thanks for reading and your time.




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