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My first wife’s mother passed away peacefully Monday morning after a long 92 years. I attended the service today via Livestream and it was a beautiful remembrance of a wonderful selfless lady.

I was very happy to see the service being led by Rev. John Lamont, a man I have known for (quickly calculates) thirty-one years.

The tributes as delivered by her daughter, daughter-in-law and her other daughter (my ex-wife) were perfect, involving loving memories along with a few lighter moments.

Grandma, as I always called her (refusing to refer to her as BOMIL – Bothersome old mother-in-law – as she always asked), was a truly beautiful person. My memories of her are all fond and, thanks to being reminded during the service, all came stirring to the surface this afternoon.

Her family was everything to her. I remember her love of family celebrations, her joy in opening her house to her children and grandchildren. Family occasions were always a joyous occasion when Grandma was there!

She was never old and was always a fiercely independent woman, especially after losing her soulmate suddenly in 2004. Nothing was ever (outwardly) a hassle and she very rarely said no. She was always available to babysit my son when required and was an influence on his upbringing. I’ll be honest and say I smiled during the service when it was revealed Grandma recently referred to my son’s hair being “too long” and hinted at him needing a haircut.

I loved her piano playing and remember fondly the day she called me into the lounge room and said in a cheeky voice “Do you want to see something funny?” She immediately launched into Finlandia and her husband came running in (quite the feat at his age) looking worried and said, “What’s wrong!?” As was said at the service, “You always knew what mood Mum was in by what she played on the piano”.

One thing I miss most of all is her lemon cheesecake. I’d only ever had to turn up with a packet of Nice biscuits and a smile and within 48 hours I’d be eating far too much of the world’s most delicious cheesecake. I truly hope that the recipe has been passed down because the world needs to eat this cheesecake. You could truly taste the love (and the Nice biscuits in the crust). That and her scones … my mouth is salivating as I write this. Because of Grandma, I recently made a batch of scones myself. Not nearly as perfect as hers, but nice all the same.

Although I’ve not been a part of her life for a long time I always smiled when driving past her home or when my son mentioned her. I remember her laugh, her smile and her wink when she said something a little cheeky.

Farewell Grandma. It’s time to look after yourself now. You’ve earned it. Thank you for sharing some of your long life with me. You certainly left an impression.

Thanks as always to my loyal readers! I appreciate your attention and time.

I’ll see you in the next post!




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Nikon D850
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Sunday October 24, 2021 @ 12:31
Frankston, Victoria, Australia


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