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Well, that was a weekend!

R had ballet, M had a shoot and we both had a shoot on Saturday night with six people.

I do really enjoy photographing with M (and I know this family does as we have photographed them before) as our two different photography styles blend well. Miranda likes to pull back and I like to get in close. We both shoot all the standard distance as well! Obviously, the presented photo shows how I like to shoot a portrait. A great time was had by all, photos, laughing, making the dog’s hair purple, laughing and more awesome photos.

Sunday was my go-live day for the company website. Moving from the monstrous monolithic system is was on to a new streamlined system that was meticulously planned out with every task documented and researched. I even got up at 4 am to ensure it would be finished quickly with minimal disruption.

Of course, it all went horribly wrong.

But thankfully it wasn’t my fault. So after ten and a half hours of sweating, swearing and not eating, I wrestled the old system and set up the new. When I went in and checked everything this morning (on a day off!) there were sales that had come in overnight and this morning so even after some exhausting testing, it was nice to see the site working in the real world.

As mentioned above, I have a day off today as M had an early appointment, so I was on the school run. I also get to spend the day in my happy place, coding away on the music management system I’m building for my and other bands.

And I’m really looking forward to tonight. The band attached to my old army regiment have called me in for a concert on Friday night, so I’m getting my bass on and am off to rehearse with them tonight. It will be great to catch up with some people I haven’t seen in fifteen years and I’m very much looking forward to flying by the sweet of my pants tonight.

Hopefully, I’ll get some practice this week. I have a day off on Thursday and might devote some time then.

Back to the code!

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Saturday November 27, 2021 @ 18:59
The Studio
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