An alleyway in Melbourne
Black & White 365 7/365

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Entry number 7 in the 365 Black & White Challenge is an alleyway in Melbourne. There are hundreds of these in the CBD and each has its own reason to be photographed. I only had my phone on me today but as I’ve said more times than I can be bothered going back and counting, “The best camera is the one you have on you when you need it”. 

Today is a busy day with 3 tasks to achieve on my last day of holidays before returning to the day job on Monday and I am happy to say that all three of these tasks have now been completed. 

As is my fault, I am painfully honest on this blog with my doings and feelings, so please read ahead at your own risk.

The first task was a delicate surgery procedure that I got “for Christmas”, I won’t go into the gory details, but it’s the first time I’ve seen smoke emanating from that region of my body. I’m trying to reconcile the procedure with the fact I’m 50 and my wife still has certain feelings towards me.

It’s a weird feeling to be conversing about things like tennis and photography whilst the other person in the conversation is making smoke appear from your groin.

I did warn you.

The second task was to put down more of a deposit (thanks Nana!) on a new camera. The camera won’t be arriving until February at the earliest, but when it does, I will be trading in three of my current cameras to be able to hold it within my grasp. My photographically talented wife is a 31% part owner of said camera otherwise there was no way I could have ever funded it and I look forward to seeing what we both achieve from the Nikon Z9. Yes. The camera I have hinted at wanting in many a previous post will soon be ours. I had given up all hope of ever owning one but thanks to my nana for the inheritance and to my father for passing it on, I get to own 69% of one and use it on many shoots that will be organised very soon.

Lastly, I received my booster to ensure that I am safer to be around than I was being double vaxxed. If only I could play tennis a million times better than previously, I could take Novak’s spot in the Aus Open! 

Then, I’m returned home, laid down on the couch, prayed that my affectionate daughter doesn’t throw herself on me over the next few days and finished off my annual viewing of the extended-extended version of the Lord of The Rings movies whilst trying not to move too much.

Have a great day and I’ll see you in the next post.




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Photo Information: 
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max @ 13mm (35mm equivalent)
1/120 | f/1.8 | ISO 100
Friday January 7, 2022 @ 10:27
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
B&W 365 - 7/365

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