Guitar Headstock of a Maton Guitar
2022 365 Black & White Challenge – 30/365

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Entry number 30 for the 2022 365 Black & White Challenge is a photograph from a live performance I saw on Australia Day.

The Photograph:

Having taken many photos of my brother, I wanted something different for the blog. I’ve always been a fan of zooming in to reveal only a part of an object and the guitar neck of his new Maton guitar was the perfect subject. The photograph has the complete gamut of tones from pure black to pure white which makes for a successful black and white conversion and the D850 and 70-200 lens never fail to extract every ounce of detail available in the wood, metal, skin and material presented.

The Blog:

This Australia Day just passed I went to see my brother play as part of some Mornington Peninsula Arts thing.

In this iteration, he was by himself, playing acoustic guitar and singing two hours worth of covers. And when I say two hours worth, I mean two hours. The longest break he took was about three minutes to hydrate and to answer a couple of questions from some very interested audience members. And it must be noted that a couple of times when he was taking a drink, a loop he had recorded just prior to the beverage break was still playing. He’s a talented bugger.

Normally for his gigs, I’m a fly-in for 30 minutes and then fly-out to some other commitment, but this time I wanted to stay for the entire two hours, which I both did and thoroughly enjoyed. He does an amazing job all on his own. He also has a duo with a female vocalist that kick it out of the park as well but if you ask me, which I assume one or two of you would be asking, the solo gig is where he really shines.

I get to play alongside him once a month or so when he comes to augment the covers band in which I play. It’s always great adding a second guitar and another strong voice to the band. Plus I get to hand over a lot of songs to him which is great!

He cheekily labels himself “The master of acoustic groove” on his website and advertising and I’m not going to argue. You can hear elements of his three biggest influences in his playing and if Messers Tommy Emmanuel, John Mayer or Joe Robinson ever saw him doing his thing, no doubt there would be eye contact and a short, sharp but respect filled head nod sent my brother’s way. His clever use of harmony and looping pedals makes for a show that sounds a lot bigger than “one person spanking a plank” (as Tommy says).

Even in the currently oppressive heat, I had a great time with both my immediate family and his watching on. It was great hanging out with his partner and catching up whilst clapping and cheering my brother on.

It’s always great hearing him play and I always try to catch his shows when I get the chance.

Have a great day and I’ll see you in the next post.



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Photo Information: 
Nikon D850
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm 1:2.8G II ED (VR) @ 200 mm
1/1600 | f/2.8 | ISO 1000
Wednesday January 26, 2022 @ 15:13
Mornington, Victoria, Australia
B&W 365 - 30/365 (8.2% complete)

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