Entry number 64 for the 2022 365 Black & White Challenge is a photograph from a photoshoot with a superb musical duo.

A female singer gets into the groove
2022 365 Black & White Challenge – 64/365


Do what you love and that love will shine through everything you do.

One of my favourite two solo shots from the shoot with Alli & Andrew. You can’t pose this stuff. It’s a collaboration from both sides of the camera and it has to come from the heart of all involved. As you can hopefully see, Alli loves music and I love portraiture.

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“I entered the HAMILTON $10 Lottery on @TodayTix! Tap to enter: todaytix.com/Melbourne/show…”

I am very excited to see that tweet on my Twitter timeline.

Going back to Rent in 1997, the theatre ticket lottery is now a thing of legend.

Although not originating the idea, Hamilton on Broadway really promoted the idea with their “Ham4Ham,” lottery. Over in the US, Alexander Hamilton appears on the $10 bill, so the idea was, if you were one of the lucky lottery winners, you’d only pay $10 for a seat to see Hamilton. These seats are normally in the front two rows. The main reason for the lottery was for every person to have a chance of seeing the show. Broadway tickets are priced on-demand meaning the best seats on a Saturday night can be as much as $1000 USD each (and they still sell out).

Fun fact regarding the Hamilton $10 bill: They tried removing him as Hamilton was the only one appearing on a US bill that was never a sitting president. Hamilton, the musical was rising so fast into popularity that the fans all protested and eventually the idea was scrapped.

The Hamilton creators and cast, all being the awesome people they used to hold a random quick performance during the break between the Saturday matinee and Saturday night performances. Examples of these performances are songs from the show but with different cast members singing them, or the previous three actors to play the King George role welcoming the lastest actor into the role. Every single performance ended with “Good luck with the lottery”.

These days the lottery is all run via an app. You log in on a Friday and select which shows you would be available to see on the given week (normally a couple of weeks ahead). The draw takes place the following Thursday and if you are notified of being a winner, you have one hour to accept and pay for the tickets.

I already have tickets to three Melbourne performances, but you all know by now I’ll be entering the lottery every week! I have a short but growing list of people who want to come and see the show with me if I win. You must all be advised that if my wife is willing and available, she trumps all others. 🙂

The odds are slim, but how else am I going to get to go at least once per month whilst it’s in Melbourne?

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Camera: Nikon D850
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When: Sunday February 27, 2022 @ 15:22
Where: Aberfeldie, Victoria, Australia
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