A lone bird sits on a powerlines with dark clouds behind.


From colour yesterday to dark and gloomy today. I do love me some contrast.

Walking alone, getting some exercise and I see this bird checking me out. Obviously, that wasn’t said with a British accent and referring to a potential romantic interlude as I can’t recall if a bird ever checked me out … but I digress. I loved the fact that amongst all these wires and clouds there was but one solitary bird. 

They (and I) always say the best camera is the one you have on you when you need it. And for me, that was my iPhone 11 Pro. I do love the wide-angle and the portrait modes (those dang opposites again!) and both were compelling reasons for me to get that particular model.

As much as I hate to admit it, the cameras on these iPhones are getting better and better with every new release. The files are getting stronger and more able to handle a little post-processing without falling apart. I’m due for a new phone later this year and I am very much looking forward to seeing what Apple has managed to do with their iPhone 13, or whatever they are calling it when they announce in a couple of months. That is if they follow their usual announcement schedule.

Website news: I’ve decided to print out all the images that appear on this website for my own collection. The prints will be the stand 4″ x 6″ inch ones (or 4″ square for the square ones), which means I’ll need to buy some shoes too. Why? That way I’ll have a shoebox in which to collect them.

My plan is to produce a book for each birth year as well. If there is any interest, I’d love to make it for sale as well (probably print on demand). As I see it now, the book will contain my favourite fifty images from the previous year’s photographs.

On the home front: I got my second vaccination today. Very happy to do my bit for myself and others and to contribute to getting the number of vaccinations count up! Hopefully, like the first dose, there will be no big side effects! My faithful readers (yes plural according to my analytics), I implore you to go and get your body poked if you are medically able. Both of you!

That’s it for now. Talk to you soon.


Photo Information: 
Apple iPhone 11 Pro @ 52mm
1/120 | f/2 | ISO 100
Tuesday August 24 @ 17:55
Carrum Downs, Victoria, Australia

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