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Monday July 26, 2021

Post 3 / The Average Suburban Dad / 2021-07-26
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So, this COVID-19 pandemic thing has almost certainly turned the world upside down. QR codes are now visible wherever you go and thankfully, from what I’ve seen, most people are actually using them. We are currently at day ten of Victorian “Lockdown #5” and all the talk is that the restrictions will be lifted on Wednesday, albeit slightly. Personally, I’ll wait until I hear it from Dan Andrews, the Victorian Premier before I get excited.

Personally, the only things that upset me about the lockdowns have been Monday nights. On Monday night I go straight from work to one of my two favourite pizza shops and then to “The Factory” where I rehearse with a covers band I play with. Lockdown generally puts a damper on this and to put it eloquently, it sucks.

Although not photography related I’m sure we can all relate to COVID-19. With what is going on in NSW, I am extremely grateful for the fact I was able to fly in and out of Sydney before my 50th birthday and to have seen Hamilton three times in two days. You’ll probably hear more about Hamilton later so I’ll gently introduce it rather than smacking you in the virtual face with my love for this musical.

Getting back to the photography, I love the simplicity of this photograph. All published photographs from this walk will be presented in the same vintage, square format and in black and white. I feel that black and white photography is more striking and even more revealing than colour. My clients all get colour photographs with around 10% in black and white, but my personal work is mostly black and white. It’s actually a dream of mine to photograph and present a wedding totally in black and white.

I’ve created a preset for the post-processing called “Hasselblad Square” which provided the same tonal range for the images from this walk. As the website progresses though, I am sure you will see many a style presented.

I am enjoying blogging again and look forward to continuing with the website for as long as is feasible. Hope you enjoy what I present and hang around.

Thanks for visiting and cheers for now!