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Saturday 31 July, 2021

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I’m struggling with colour. I’m trying to publish photos in colour but right at this minute, it’s not working for me. I edit the photos in colour and I just do not like them nearly as much as I do when I convert them to black and white.

My client photographs are easy to do in colour. I have my presets I have used for a few years now and bang, done! I’m not as emotionally invested in these images as I am pleasing other people. Do not read me wrong, you hire me to photograph you and I will bust a gut to get the best results possible. I am very proud of what I present to my clients but in my downtime, I do not sit and go through my client work.

Today’s photograph comes from a location scout my wife was completing for a future shoot. Yep, my wife is also a photographer. We were walking through a kind of strand (ironically called, “The Strand”) and I noticed all of these feathered beings. Positioning myself under the birds, I waiting patiently, finger on the shutter button ready to shoot when a bird took flight. If my step-father ever read this, he’d be able to share exactly what type of bird it is, but for me, it’s a bird.

This was with the new camera (Nikon D850) and a different lens (24-70) to what I have used on this website before. I’m trying new things with my personal photography and am finding it easier to see new patterns or angles.

More website decisions have been made today. As I write, I have around 15 photographs lined up for the blog taken from three different shoots. I decided, after discussing it with my wife for her opinion, that if I have a new photograph to present from the day the blog entry is written, I can skip the queue. Otherwise, if no new photo was taken that day, I will draw from the queue. These are the issues I deal with here folks.

Still loving the new camera (as I would hope) but I am painfully aware I need to do some dedicated work and get many shots “downrange” to really hone my skills with this tool. The larger the resolution, the less forgiving the camera is to camera shake or error. I’m hoping to throw the 70-200 on the camera and fire off many photos tomorrow.

Really must get that contact or “ask a question” page up so you can … err … contact me or ask a question if the desire takes hold.

That’s it for now. Talk to you soon.

Richard - The Average Suburban Dad

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