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April 8, 2022

Post 211 / The Average Suburban Dad / 2022-04-08
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This post was pulled from the archives after the web server went down.

Entry number 98 for the 2022 365 Black & White Challenge is from a previous wedding I’ve been dealing with this week.

Why is it that groomsmen always default to what we photographers call “brain protection mode”?


As part of my website rebranding, I’m stuck on portraits. To be specific, how I approach the product.

I have no issue being a “shoot and burn” portrait photographer. This means that I pretty much just deliver digital files rather than print products. Although I very much believe in printing photographs and the importance of doing so, my limited time to work with clients leaves me with no chance to concentrate on wall art.

This leaves me with two approaches to pricing:

1 – The all-in. My clients, let’s for now just say you, pays one fee for the shoot and all presented files. This is the easiest to manage and deliver.

2 – The tiered approach. You pay a session fee which in my approach would include enough credit to cover the first 5 image package. After the photos are ready, the clients choose between a 5, 10 or everything package, (at increasing prices of course).

For ease of use, nothing beats option one. It’s just a matter of owning a price that places the appropriate value on what you provide.

Pricing both of these options is difficult as the value of each image is vastly reduced in option one compared to option two. Especially as the price I would most likely start with for option 1 is what I would be very comfortable charging for the 5 image package for option 2.

My head hurts.

And this approach will be what I want to charge for all portrait style photography moving forward. Studio, non-studio, dance, media packs. All the same pricing.

What would you prefer as a client?

Took part in a great course on Profitable Book Projects for Photographers this morning. Very interesting indeed.

Also had a former military musician colleague contact me today to get some photos done. I have no idea why, but I went straight to the discount brain space, but he shot me down and made me charge him full price because “You’re worth it and I know you will put in 100%.”

Not often I’m lost for words. Now to find 1000 more like him.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for your time and your attention! I will see tomorrow you for the next post.