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Tuesday January 30, 2024

Post 265 / The Average Suburban Dad / 2024-01-30
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I have a confession. I'd like you to hear me out and promise you won't leave me.

I watch Married At First Sight.

It's just started and I missed the opening night. My wife and I both watch the show and it's hard to find a time when we are both free that's not midnight. I'm too old to be starting a 90 minute show at midnight.

So we've done everything except a pinky swear and believe me, I'm not above bringing in this most powerful of contract, to promise that she, my darling wife, will not watch any episode that i have yet to watch. This may seem a little harsh to some but there is precedent. We call it the "How I Met Your Mother" incident. Remind me later and I'll spill the beans, but it wasn't pretty.

So tonight I get to watch the first of the 2024 series, inwardly hating myself the entire time.

It's so bad, has no redeaming value at all. And I'm looking forward to it.

Another couple of blog posts dragged kicking and screaming from the Internet Archive:

Thanks, as always for your time and attention, I really appreciate it.

Richard - The Average Suburban Dad

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