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29 January, 2024

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The first of 101 Personality tests.

Which '90s TV Character Are You?

From popular cheerleaders to angsty wallflowers, strong females were abundant on '90s TV. Whatever result you get here will be totally righteous!

We all know I've always wanted to be totally righteous. Let's dive into it.

Question 1: How would you describe your hairstyle?

  • a: Long flowy, and perfect
  • b: Usually in a ponytail
  • c: A bright, wild colour that is totally not natural

My hairstyle is a number 3 all over and a number 1 beard. I'm not really sure which of these would even come close! But, we have to pick something ...

I'm going to have to go with the answer that was the latest before my hair was like it is now, and that will be C. During a roller derby bout, in order to show support for my wife's team, my hair was coloured blue. That was also the nightr we popped into a party my father was having (to which he swears he sent an invite, but we never received one) only rto find out it was a 25 year wedding anniversary celebration with a very formal dress code. My blue hair, blue jeans and blue team top, reall did not fit the code. But we stayed anyway.

Question 2: Your group of friends are:

  • a: The popular kids at school
  • b: Totally average
  • c: The edgy, angsty crowd

My friends at school were the band geeks. I'm going with C again.

Question 3: Your favourite after-school hangout would be:

  • a: The diner near campus
  • b: Your bedroom
  • c: A parking lot

Most definetly B.

Question 4: What's your relationship like with your parents?

  • a: You have to work to help pay the bills
  • b: It's typical, you guess
  • c: Ugh, they like totally won't leave you alone

I'm going with B here. I was always independant, but my realtionship with my parents growing up was reasonably normal, I believe.

Question 5: How's your dating life?

  • a: You're totally in love with your soulmate
  • b: You've got a crush, but you don't spend too much time worrying about his feelings for you
  • c: You've got a mad crush and you hope he notices you

If I answer anything but A, I might as well file for divorce, so it's lucky the answer is A.

Question 6: What after-school activity are you into?

  • a: You're a cheerleader
  • b: You write for the school paper
  • c: None. You can't wait to leave school each day

C. Most definetly C.

Question 7: How would you describe your style?

  • a: Bright, trendy, and colourful
  • b: Funky, with lots of patterns
  • c: Monotone

C. My clothes tend to be towards the darker tones.

Question 8: What saying would be your catchphrase?

  • a: "Uh, as if!"
  • b: "Jerkweed"
  • c: You don't have a catchphrase; you just like to talk about life

I've never said any of those but of the two, "Jerkweed" would be the closest to what I would say.

Question 9: What's the biggest problem in your life right now?

  • a: Trying to figure out how you'll afford something that's important to you
  • b: My brother being so nosey
  • c: Having to live at home and go to school

A. Without a doubt, A. There's always a list of things I'd like to get for my photography or music work, but although i can justify them all, paying for them is another issue. Most of my justifiable intrests are in the four figures (left of the decimal place) realm.

Question 10: What are your career aspirations?

  • a: You want to work in fashion
  • b: You want to be a writer
  • c: You haven't figured it out yet, but you've got plenty of time

Although I enjoy writing, I've never aspired to be a writer. And, one look at the way I dress shows no aptitude, let alone desire, towards fashion.

I may not have "plenty" of time left, but C is very much accurate.

Question 11: Do you tend to get in a lot of trouble?

  • a: Life can be dramatic
  • b: Nothing out of the ordinary
  • c: You don't, but your friends do

In my previously mentioned fifty plus years, I've been known to be in a spot of trouble. But I've survived this far.

Tally: A: 3, B: 3, C: 5

And the results!

"Mostly Cs - You are My So-Called Life's Angela Chase"

Having never seen the show I'm not sure what that means, so let's dive into what the oracle says:

"You and Angela both know what it's like to go through extreme growing pains in high school."

You know it sister!

"You aren't sure who you are yet, and you're really trying to take the time to figure out who you want to be."

This book sees right through me!

"You have some decent friends, but even they can bring the drama and backstabbing. You recognise high school isn't the best place to be and you're eager to get out, have some space, and learn to be independant. College is where you'll truly blossom."

Well there you go. I was going to blossom at college. Pity I never went. But the rest was close.

Signing off on the first of 101 personality tests geared, apparently, towards teenage girls and not 52 year old blokes. But as I said when I introduced the book: At the very least, it will be a laugh.

Thanks, as always for your time and attention, I really appreciate it.

Richard - The Average Suburban Dad

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